When I log into my Adobe Connect Room I am listed as a participant. How can I become the host?

When accounts are set up for organizations someone is designated as the host/named organizer.  This host can start the Adobe Connect Meeting session and make someone else the presenter but they (the host) must stay in the room to keep the room open.  There is only ONE designated host per Adobe Connect Room.  If you have an Adobe Connect Room that is shared amongst your department/organization you have one of two options to alleviate this issue.

  1. The Host of the group's Adobe Connect Room can share their username/password with those that will need hosting access.
  2. The department/organization can create a generic account that can be shared to those individuals needing Adobe Connect hosting access.  The group must be aware though that if one individual in the group changes the password of the generic account then they must share that password with everyone who was given the original host username/password or other people in your department/organization will not be able to have Adobe Connect Access as the credentials have changed. 
If your account has the proper permissions and is setup correctly a Host account can change from host, presenter and participant at will.  This works not only with the named organizer host account - but if this named organizer is in the webinar room those in other host accounts (that have already been given host permissions in the specific webinar room) will have their host accesss as well.
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