How do I create a new course in the Moodle environment?

Creating a New Course
You can create a new instance of a course based on enrollment need or instructors. Creating a new course involves copying the master course, restoring a new course, setting up the course and verifying that the course content is in working order.

Step 1: Copying the Master Course

1.From the Available Courses page, select the master course.

2.Click Turn editing on.

3.Navigate to the Administration page.

4.From the Administration Block, click Backup.

5.The Course Backup page opens. Do not change any settings - leave all the settings as the defaults.

6.Click Continue.

7.The Course Backup page opens. Change the Name of the backup copy to reflect the date and person creating the copy. You will need to locate this backup file in the following step. Note: The file name can not contain any spaces, and must end as .zip file

8.Click Continue.

9.The Course Backup verification page opens. Click Continue.

10.If the master course is successfully cloned, you will be directed to the backupdata folder.

Step 2: Creating a New Course from the Backup Master Course File

1.From the backupdata folder, select the backup file created. The backup file should be the file with the name that you noted or the file with the most current date and time.

2.Click Restore.

3.The Restore screen opens. Click Yes.

4.The Course Restore page opens. Click Continue.

5.Another Course Restore page opens. Make sure that New course is selected from the Restore to drop-down menu.

6.Select the Course Category. This will determine where on the available courses page the course will appear.

7.Name the Course.

a.Note: the short name can not contain spaces but the full name of the course can

b.Note: No two courses can have thesame names

c.Note: If a name is not selected the default will keep the same name as the course you are restoring but add copy in the title. The course name can be changed at a later time in the settings.

8.Enter theCourse Start Date. This date is the day the course is created or when it is first available to the tutor/instructor. (Note: this can be changed at a later time in the course settings.)

9.Under Include – on the far right above user data click None.

10.Scroll to the bottom and change the settings to

a.User: None

b.Groups No

c.User Files: No

d.Course Files: Yes

e.Site Files: Yes

11.Click Continue.

12.Another Course Restore page opens. Click Restore this course now!

13.The Course Restore verification page opens. Click Continue.

14.You will be taken to the Home Page of the new course.

Step 3: Setting Up the New Course

After a new instance of a course has been created, the settings need to be changed to reflect the new course. Use the following steps to change the course settings:

1.Select the cloned course.

2.Click Turn editing on.

3.Navigate to the Administration page.

4.From the Administration Block, click Settings in the left hand navigationReview the course Full Name.

    • Review the course Short Name.
    • Verify the Course Start Date.
    • Verify the Summary.
    • Note the Default role of the Course, adjust accordingly.
    • Under the section Enrollments, verify that Course is Enrollable.
    • Leave the other fields as the default settings.
Click Save Changes when all settings are updated.
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