Adobe Connect best practices for Participants (audio & connectivity)

In the operation of Adobe Connect for participants there are two areas that need to be addressed - Access and Usability - best practices have been separated below into these two different areas.


The first thing that your participant will need will be access to your meeting space.  To verify that you have this access you will need to run two tests on the computer, at the location (and on the location's internet) that you plan to use for your participation.  These links are:
  • This link will test:
    • Adobe Flash version and compatibility
    • The connection from your computer to Adobe Connect
    • Your overall bandwidth to achieve a solid connection
    • and if you have the Adobe Connect Add-in installed (this is being phased out - and may be not required).
  • FMS Port Tester
  • This link will test:
    • Your internet connection Ports (taken care of by either the locations IT Network Staff or by the ISP being used).
    • If one of the tested ports above fails you will likely not be able to enter or use any Adobe Connect space. 
    • To remedy this issue you will need to contact your IT support or ISP to allow these ports access.


If you are a participant or a host who wants to give participants access to their microphones there are two different ways to offer this access:
  1. Phone - this is done by having a MeetingOne number attached to an account, which is also attached to your Adobe Connect Room (if you need this assistance please look here).  Once the meeting host connects the phone and the Adobe Connect room - as long as the host has not muted the phone input of participants users should be able to talk to one another through the phone.
  2. VOIP - this is the computer audio and for this option to be available your Adobe Connect Room host would need to first allow access of this type.  This is done by (first turning on the meeting audio) clicking the AUDIO drop down menu and selecting "Microphone Rights for Participants." But this only gives participants access to these rights - for them to activate these rights they must do the following:
    • Simply first - the participant must have a microphone attached to their computer - if there is no microphone available it will not matter.
    • Second the participant will want to go through the AUDIO SETUP WIZARD found in the MEETING drop down menu found at the top left. 
      • In this Wizard you can test your speakers, microphone and silence
        • Speakers is self explanatory
        • When testing your microphone you can select which microphone you would like to use (found in a drop down menu).  If you have an integrated mic in your laptop that you want to use you can pick "Integrated" (though remember using this type of mic can cause audio reverberation and can hinder the meeting).  If you are using a headset either your headset name will appear or "external microphone"
        • When testing Silence your microphone will pick up ambient noise and will cancel it out making your audio clearer. 
        • When done click Finish.
    • One last step may be needed.  At the top of the participants scree there should now be a microphone symbol.  If the symbol is white the microphone is available but not active.  To activate it all you have to do is click it and turn it green.  If you want to mute/unmute all you have to do is click that green microphone again.
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