Adobe Connect will not work/open on my computer

For Adobe Connect to function you must be connected to the internet.  In some cases if you are at a school, hospital, museum, or any other public access area, even connecting to the internet may not allow access.  This issue is because the network that you are connecting on may  have some of their internet access blocked.  To make sure that the internet you are on allows the correct access you will need to run the following ISP (internet service provider) test: FMS Port Tester.

On this page there are two tests:

  1. The first test runs after the page loads and will state success\failure within the connection (image below).
  2. The second test is an active test of the avilable ports - click the "Click here to run port test" button to begin the test (image below).
If each of these tests come back successfully then your ISP/network has the needed access for Adobe Connect to function properly.  If these tests fail contact your ISP/Network Administrator so that these ports can be opened to you so that the program will function.
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