Can I play MP3s in my Adobe Connect room?

Yes - and there are two different ways of getting your MP3(s) available.

  1. A single MP3 played once:
    • Any MP3 can be shared like any other file in Adobe Connect through the Share Pod.  This will allow the MP3 to play once (you can always hit "play" to hear the song again) if you want the song to loop you will need to use option 2.
  2. Multiple MP3s and/or MP3s played in a loop.
    • To create a looping MP3(s) or to have multiple and/or different MP3s playing in a set you will need to download the MP3 Player Pod from Adobe Connect located (Click) here.
    • Download the file (a ZIP file) and open the file -> here you will see three files: equalBars.swf, index.swf, and songs.xml.
    • Next upload the MP3 files you would like to play in your room into your Adobe Connect area.
      • After these uploads are done go back to your Content Folder and locate your MP3s in the folder.  You will need to click on each MP3 - and in each click "Set Permissions" and then click "Yes" to allow public viewing (again this must be done for each MP3 that you will want to use).
      • Next we are going to create the links to input in the songs.xml file -> to do this we will again need to go into your content area and again click into each MP3 (much like the last step - but this time click->) and click "Download Content."  Next Right-Click on the MP3 and choose "Copy Link Location" -> open up Notepad or MS Word and paste the link into this area.  The link will likely looks like: 
        • The above bold and underlined portion will need to be deleted from the link - it is extra code given my Adobe Connect that is not needed at the initial .MP3 extension -> Keep these links handy.
    • Next Open up the songs.xml file in NotePad (Right Click on songs.xml - Choose "open with" then choose Notepad).
    • You will see in the text an area that says song URL - and locate the default weblink :  Delete this link and add the link that we previously saved.  You can add as many song URLs as you want and thus as many songs.
    • When done - to go File -> then Save.
    • Now we need to reconnect the three files back into a .ZIP file.  Go to where you have the previously downloaded files (equalBars.swf, index.swf,a nd songs.xml - that you just altered).  Highlight all three of these files at once - when highlighted right click on the files -> Pick "Send to" -> and pick Compressed (zipped) folder.  You can then rename this folder "MP3 Player" or whatever you want -> this name though will be associated with that your MP3 player pod is named in the Adobe Connect room.
    • Next take this newly created ZIP file and log into Adobe Connect ( and upload this file into your content.
    • Lastly go into your Adobe Connect room - open up a File Share Pod - Click the Drop Down arrow next to "Share My Screen" and choose to Share Document.  This will open another dialogue box - and here click on "My Content" as this is where we uploaded the ZIP file.  Look for the name of the ZIP file - when found it show it as a SWF file - and upload it.  Your Share Pod will then be altered into an MP3 player and will automatically start playing your music in order in which you input the previously mentioned link(s). 
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