How can I manage participant access into a Webinar Room?

Many times when hosting an Adobe Connect Meeting session the Host(s) would like to control how and when remote participants are given access to the webinar room.  This includes the option to have "waiting room" messages for those that attempt to enter a webinar early.  The easiest way is to block incoming participants until you are ready for them to enter the room.  The following instructions will assist you in this operation:

  1. Log into with your Host Account -> then open the webinar in question that you will use.
  2. At the top left go to the MEETING drop down menu
    • Then open the side menu for MANAGE ACCESS & ENTRY
  3. A "Block Incoming Attendees" dialogue box will pop up with several options
    • First you will see an available check box for the option, "Incoming attendees can request entry"
    • This check box option will allow those participants that are being blocked to request entry (though you will likely wait until your desired time to allow them access).
    • The "Message for incoming attendees" is what participants will see when they are requesting access.
    • Keep in mind - then you alter the "Message of incoming attendees" you must click "Save" - if you do not the message is not altered.
    • But when you click "Save" it does not turn on the option to block attendees....
  4. The final step in blocking participant access is to go back into the MEETING Menu and to chose the option to BLOCK ATTENDEES:
    • Go to the MEETING drop down menu -> go to MANAGE ACCESS & ENTRY -> Then click the option BLOCK INCOMING ATTENDEES
      • This will open up the same area where you altered your "Message for incoming attendees" -> while you are here you can verify that the changes you made to the message have taken hold.
      • Then click OK -> this will begin the process of blocking incoming participants (with the wait message that was altered from above).
  5. To verify that the Blocking of Attendees you can go back into the menu:
    • Open the MEETING drop down menu -> Manage Access and Entry
      • You should now see a check mark next to "Block Incoming Attendees..." - this is active
      • If you do not see the check mark redo Step 4 above
  6. When you are ready to allow participants into the webinar there is one simple step:
    • Go back to MEETING drop down menu -> MANAGE ACCESS & ENTRY -> then click (the currently check marked) BLOCK INCOMING ATTENDEES...
      • At that moment participants will be granted access to the webinar
      • Keep in mind - during the webinar room creation if you had chosen the option that "Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room" you will still need to accept a guests access even after the blocking of participants has been removed.
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