How can I upload a video in Adobe Connect?

Any video that is desired to be shared in Adobe Connect must be one of two formats:
  1. FLV - .flv - Flash Video File
  2. MP4 - .mp4 - MPEG-4
If you have any file conversion questions please contact Will Yohon he will be able to assist given the number of variables available in the file conversion process.  After your video file is in one of the two above formats the next step is to upload this video into your Content Folder:
  • Log into:
  • Go to the CONTENT link at the top menu
  • In the Content area click "New Content" (or new folder if you want to input this content into a different folder for organization)
    • Next browse for the file on your computer and select it for upload
    • Input a Title for the video (this is required - it can be the same as the File Name if desired).
    • You can input a custom URL if desired - if not a URL will be genereated for this content
    • Click Save

The file may take a few minutes to upload depending on your local internet bandwidth.  If the file stops uploading (and the browser gives an connect error) you can reload the page and the upload will continue.

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