Adobe Connect and/or my internet browser is not allowing me to share my screen/desktop.

There is a known issue between the internet browser Google Chrome and Adobe Connect.  When trying to use Google Chrome the Adobe Connect browser add-in fails to function properly:

  • Chrome won't recognize the Adobe Connect Add-in is installed and the Meeting opens in Chrome and not in the Add-in.
  • Certain functionallity will not work: cannot share your screen or desktop.
  • The prompt to install the Adobe Connect Add-in keeps launching; and if attempted will not install.

To resolve this issue there are several workarounds:

  • Use supported versions of Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers instead of the Google Chrome browser.
  • Within Chrome disable the default Flash Pepper (PPAPI) plug-in in Chrome 21:
    1. Type chrome://plugins in a browser tab (Figure 1).
    2. Expand Details in the upper-right area of the screen (Figure 1).
    3. Click Disable for the PPAPI Flash plug-in (Figure 2). Ensure that the NPAPI Flash plug-in listed below the PPAPI Flash plug-in is not disabled
    4. Refresh teh browser tab.

Figure 1

Figure 2
Figure 2

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